“Our business started as a home-based Mom and Pop in the City of SeaTac nearly 20 years ago. Over the years the communications between the business community, the city, academic institutions, and regional transportation hubs (like the airport and light rail) have been lively and yet quite productive. We have found SeaTac to be a thriving, diverse community in which to conduct business and live. We have valued the opportunities it has provided our business to business service business and our family. We are proud to call SeaTac our business and personal home.”

–Elizabeth Paulsen, Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc.

City of SeaTac: Everywhere’s Possible

The City of SeaTac is the gateway to the Pacific Northwest. It is a vibrant, economically strong, environmentally sensitive, and people-oriented community. The myriad of local large and small businesses in this area serve both its 30,709 residents as well as the constant stream of visitors. Because of its major ports, businesses, and over 5,500 hotel rooms, the City of SeaTac draws a peak daily population of over 100,000.

It is also home to one of the busiest airports in the country, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Owned and operated by the Port of Seattle, Sea-Tac Airport served close to 47 million passengers and transported over 425,800 metric tons of cargo in 2017 alone. The City of SeaTac is the ideal place for any business that depends on a multi-faceted transportation system to move people and products. The city boasts transit-oriented development opportunities near three light rail stations, several highways, and a wide range of housing, park, and recreational opportunities for creation and expansion of business. In addition to the diverse demographics of the city, SeaTac also offers a skilled labor force that is highly mobile because of the many transportation hubs. The city of SeaTac is a dynamic local engine for economic development and a central hub for business logistics in the region.