Five Cities, One Powerful Destination

In the Soundside, growth is blooming. Economic development is positively transforming local Seattle Washington Southside neighborhoods and waterfronts in King County. Transportation initiatives are connecting communities. Small business retail growth is expanding shopping options. Prime residential and commercial real estate sites offer local and international business investors, local small business owners and developers profitable real estate investment opportunities. And this is just the beginning of Seattle Southside’s economic development initiatives in the region of South King County.

These five cities that neighbor Seattle offer PROFITABLE advantages for large and small businesses seeking business expansion or business relocation, such as:

  • Locations highly accessible via growing regional and international transit routes
  • A talented and diverse labor force with access to adept training institutions
  • Pro-business communities that offer small business incentives such as opportunities for expansion and tax incentives

Discover the Soundside Advantage and learn how the cities of Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, SeaTac, and Tukwila are helping large, medium and small businesses relocate, grow and thrive through strong economic development business incentives and small business assistance services. Contact us or click on the icons below to get started with one of our large, medium and small business assistance services!

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