The Soundside Prospector helps companies and entrepreneurs make better decision with data

The Soundside Prospector offers companies and entrepreneurs a powerful tool to research hundreds of data points for making better informed business decisions. The data on the Soundside Prospector is powered by GIS Webtech and offers businesses of any size FREE access to detailed ESRI demographic data.

So what is “data” and how do you use it? The Soundside Prospector allows a business to explore custom reports within a geographic area or see the data displayed on a map. The ideas below show some of the different ways the information can be used.

Explore the Soundside Prospector to find these reports and maps covering the five cities in the Soundside region.

Available property and infrastructure

  • Research listed commercial and industrial properties
  • Explore dozens of city, county, state, and federal mapped infrastructure layers in one place

Business reports

  • Better understand trade areas
  • Identify potential new sites
  • Find your competitors

Sample major shopping center locator and nearby business summary reports.

Spending and demographics reports

  • Understand customers’ purchasing habits, financial behaviors, and financial product, and services preferences.
  • Locate sites with potential to reach the most customers.
  • Identify menu selections to match customer preferences.
  • Design effective advertising messages for preferred products.
  • Attract consumers from other areas.
  • Reveal under-served markets.
  • Determine if your products meet consumer demand.
  • Research customers in your backyard.
  • Research estimates of future demographic trends (For example, the spending on groceries in 2025.)

Sample demographic and income comparison profile, ACS population survey, and disposable income profile reports.


  • Understand traffic patterns
  • Analyze existing and potential sites and territories
  • Identify high-demand areas by traffic patterns.

Sample traffic map, site map and site map on satellite imagery – 0.4 miles wide.

Market potential

  • Understand customer preferences.
  • Reach under-served consumers.
  • Identify the penetration of successful competitive products.

Sample retail market potential and finances market potential reports.

Tapestry segmentation

  • Housing and family characteristics
  • Employment and education levels
  • Product and Vacation preferences
  • Home values and favorite activities

Sample tapestry report and dominant tapestry map.

Explore all of the sample reports on the Soundside Prospector. These suggested uses and samples reports are only fraction of the e. Still have some questions, contact the Soundside Alliance for assistance. This article by GIS Webtech offers a more detailed look at how the on how the data is derived.