An Accessible Location with Competitive Connections to Global Markets

The Soundside region, just south of Seattle, provides companies with quick access to the Northwest and growing Pacific Rim Markets. The region is located between the fourth largest “gateway” for containerized cargo in North America and next to the eighth busiest airport in the U.S. (2018 passenger data). Additionally, Washington is closer to growing Pacific Rim markets than other West Coast shipping points.

The Soundside is an accessible location for relocating and expanding businesses. Two interstate highways (I-5 and I-405) and three highways (WA-99, WA-518, and WA-509) connect the Soundside to strategic gateways and commerce centers in Washington while providing alternate routes to destinations.  Additionally, the Soundside connects to BNSF and Union Pacific freight railroads for quick movement of goods across North America.

Workers in the region have an array of mass transit options to commute to work and Sea-Tac International Airport. Business travelers and workers frequently use the growing, regional Light Rail network or expanding Rapid Ride bus network options to connect to Sea-Tac Airport and local companies.

With quick access to talent, regional and Pacific Rim markets, and the transportation networks to move people and goods, the Soundside region offers companies a location-based competitive advantage at an affordable price.