Demographic Data

The Soundside is home to a diverse workforce, including skilled and semi-skilled workers, seasoned and up-and-coming talent, high-tech and non-tech specialists, workers with educational degrees and professional experience in every field.  The Soundside, with its diverse communities and populations, is a unique gateway for a growing population of refugees and immigrants that in turn provide new talent to the region’s labor pool.

Education and Language in the Soundside Communities

City% Bachelor's Degree or Higher% Language other than English Spoken at HomeTotal Population
source: - 2009-13 data
Des Moines22.8%32.4%30,687
Normandy Park52.1%10.9% 6,557
SeaTac18.2%43.8% 27,940
Tukwila21.2%50% 19,765
The Soundside33%37.1% 134,742
King County55%25.9% 2,044,449


Diversity in The Soundside Community

City% Non Hispanic White% African American% Asian/ Pacific Islander American% Native American% Latino American% Two or more selectedTotal
source: - April, 2010 data
Burien57.0%5.9%11.7%1.5%20.7%5.9% 49,858
Des Moines58.0%9.1%13.1%1.1%15.2%5.4% 30,687
Normandy Park83.3%0.8%6.2%0.9%5.2%4.4% 6,557
The Soundside52.0%12.0%14.6%1.3%17.0%7.0% 134,807
King County64.8%6.2%15.4%0.8%8.9%4.8% 2,044,449


1 in 20 King County Residents Lives in The Soundside

Diversity in the Age of Soundside Residents

Area18 and underpercent19-64percent65 and overpercentTotal
Source: U.S. Census April 2010
Des Moines6,81222%19,33363%4,54115%30,687
Normandy Park1,33720%3,82958%1,39021%6,557
The Soundside33,70225%84,92863%16,60512%134,807
King County470,22323%1,349,33666%222,84511%2,044,449