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Business Profiles

A wide variety of companies are drawn to Seattle Southside for its unique combination of assets, resources and opportunities.

Kevin and Sean’s A Place for Pets, owned by Kevin Foxen and Sean Spingelt, is located in the heart of Burien’s downtown and opened in 2005. The regional Small Business Development Center (SBDC) worked closely with the company on the development of its business plan, financial forecasts, bank application packages, referrals to local bankers, proposals for prospective partner-investors, and marketing implementation.

Kevin and Sean are very happy with their decision to open their store in Burien. In fact, Burien was chosen because of the key demographics of the area, including average household income, number of homes and homes with children in the area, a supportive business environment, as well as access to important highways. Their store is an attractive addition to the retail core of Burien and is strategically located across the street from the future Burien Town Square project.

Many businesses have relocated to Seattle Southside from other parts of the Puget Sound region, unable to ignore the many benefits of the Seattle Southside location. One such business is Seattle Chocolates, a company that produces a variety of fine chocolate products including truffles and dessert shells. Formerly located in Seattle, Seattle Chocolates moved its headquarters and manufacturing facilities to Tukwila in order to accommodate its rapid growth.

According to Jean Thompson, CEO and owner, Tukwila’s close proximity to major highways and other transportation corridors is a great benefit. So too is the ability of the company to draw on the area’s local labor pool as well as take advantage of the many businesses and retail shops nearby to supply her business needs.

“We chose Tukwila because the building was ideal for our needs. We had grown so rapidly over the prior few years that we had outgrown our 20,000 square foot facility and were desperate to move into much larger quarters. This building was available and vacant, well built, and had all the features we were looking for. Tukwila has provided us with a nice blend of all the things we needed to set up our business.”

Boeing, opened its SeaTac Spares Distribution Center in 1993. The City of SeaTac serves as a great transportation hub for Boeing to use a variety of airport, seaport and highway systems to create a smooth and timely delivery process. Their 700,000 plus square foot facility is the largest of its kind with a two-mile long conveyor system carrying millions of spare parts used to support and service Boeing commercial jetliners across the globe.

Advanced Broadcast Solutions is a resource for broadcast services that provide system integration expertise and experience that is unparalleled in the industry. Project budgeting, workflow analysis, system and architectural design and engineering are just a few of the many resources that are offered. Formerly located in Kent, Advanced Broadcast solutions moved to 811 South 192nd Street in SeaTac.
“The new space in the City of SeaTac is extremely convenient for everyone on our team,” said Mark Siegel, president of Advanced Broadcast Solutions. “I am really impressed with the direction the city is heading. And the fact that they don’t have a B&O tax or utility tax is great for local economic development.

Les Boulangers Associes Inc., located in Seattle and owned by Margie, Michel and Randal, has been family owned since 1978 and creates top-quality, frozen bakery and specialty food products for the food service and baking industries nationwide.

LBA has continuously provided the highest quality croissants, French pastries, and laminated doughs that America has to offer for nearly 40 years with an artisanal craftsmanship and consistency in their products, previously only seen in boulangeries and restaurants across Europe. Their space and product line has since expanded to a full-scale wholesale plant, offering croissants, puff pastry, pie, tart shells, cinnamon rolls, cookies, crepes, focaccia, breadsticks, brioche, and much more to businesses and individuals nationwide.

Another company that relocated to the Seattle Southside to accommodate its growth is Graham Trucking, Inc., a trucking business that operates the largest fleet of super chassis in Washington State and serves clients in the Pacific Northwest through intermodal transport.

Robert Graham is very happy about making the move to the four-acre facility in SeaTac where there’s space to accommodate the growing staff and convenient access to the region’s highways and port facilities.  “From what we can tell the City of SeaTac is the best, most well-run city we’ve ever seen,” said Robert Graham, president of Graham Trucking, Inc. “There is no comparison between SeaTac and other municipalities we’ve worked with.”

anthonys home port managed by Dana Lancaster one of the businesses in Des Moines wa part of the soundside alliance
Dana Lancaster, Manager of Anthony's Home Port in DesMoines