Implications for Economic & Workforce Development

Several core topics surfaced from the analysis of the Soundside region.  The following represent defining issues and opportunities:

  1. Growing and retaining businesses and employment across the Soundside’s most competitive and desired industry clusters.
  2. Up-skilling and re-skilling to match skill-sets of a diverse workforce to the needs of the Soundside’s key industries.
  3. In economic development terms, communities and regions are, in a sense, “products” in competition with one another for businesses, residents and visitors.  Strategies should address developing and applying a compelling identity & brand to set Soundside apart as an
    economic hub for the region.
  4. Identify, prioritize and incentivize strategic and catalytic real estate and infrastructure development opportunities that can best leverage public dollars with private dollars, and support economic development goals.
  5. Support the creation of a high-quality public realm, parks and open space, and good design that attracts visitors and residents to
    Soundside community businesses.

This Economic and Workforce Strategic Assessment will provide context to help identify key challenges and opportunities for each of these topics that will then inform economic and workforce development strategies.