Key Industries

Major employers in the Soundside region are in the Warehousing, Transportation & Utilities (WTU) industry. The Soundside region includes more warehousing and transportation jobs (more than 15,200) than anywhere else in the central Puget Sound region.  14% percent of all WTU jobs across central Puget Sound region and 19% of all WTU jobs in King County are clustered here.  The Soundside region enjoys a competitive advantage for these jobs with a location quotient of 2.2.

The manufacturing industry, especially related to aviation, is another key industry for the region.  Many employers in this industry are small and medium size companies related to the aerospace sector.

In addition to these two industries, hospitality is a major industry in the Soundside region. Nearly a quarter (24%) of all hotel rooms in King County are located in the Soundside region.

Within the Soundside region, Warehousing, Social Assistance (especially healthcare assistants), manufacturing, food services and retail trade occupations are expected to have the greatest demand.

Of these, warehousing, manufacturing and social assistance (especially healthcare) occupations pay relatively higher wages than food services or retail trade.

Warehousing and manufacturing jobs are accessible to people without a college degree, or people facing language barriers or other barriers to entry. These jobs provide higher wages, and greater benefits and advancement opportunities than other jobs available to low-skilled workers.

These two industries represent potential target sectors for the region to focus its workforce training efforts on.