Tukwila International Boulevard Station Area

The South 154th Street Station Area will be a vibrant, mixed use residential neighborhood that connects people of various backgrounds. The station area will be pedestrian-oriented, visually pleasing, easily accessible and integrated with high capacity transit. The City of SeaTac envisions the South 154th Street Station Area to be a regional example of transit oriented development that generates and encourages transit use. The station area will accommodate future growth by providing high quality residential and mixed use developments with good access to employment centers. These attributes create a good place for families, an interesting place for visitors, a profitable place for businesses and a special gathering place to celebrate cultural diversity. Sound Transit’s light rail began service from this station to downtown Seattle and to the Sea-Tac International Airport in 2009. The City of SeaTac is actively pursuing private investment and redevelopment of this station area by a comprehensive implementation strategy that will require significant public investment.

Contact:  Jeff Robinson – Economic Development Manager, City of SeaTac, 206-973-4816 or jrobinson@cityofseatac.com.