Business Development

Businesses in the City of SeaTac are located at the crossroads of regional transportation and the center of regional hospitality. SeaTac is readily accessible by I-5 and WA-509, SR-99 and I-405. More than 5,400 guest rooms provide a constant stream of visitors that expands the market for local businesses. Located within the City, Sea-Tac International Airport is an economic driver and a stimulus for private sector growth. The airport serves over 32 million passengers annually—the 15th busiest in the country—and transports over 280 metric tons of cargo which ranks as the 18th busiest.

Currently, the City of SeaTac is home to approximately 2,000 businesses, about 70 of which are “Fortune 1000” companies. These businesses employ nearly 40,000 employees in SeaTac and generate an annual gross income of approximately $3.8 billion.

Developers and businesses can also be assured of a growth-friendly local government that offers the personal touch of a smaller city along with a breadth and depth of necessary expertise to make projects happen. Couple this with the fact that the City of SeaTac has no local business and occupation tax, no city utility taxes, and no per-employee tax, and you are left with an environment in which a business can thrive.