Business Development

Burien has been designated by the Puget Sound Regional Council as one of 25 Regional Growth Centers that will experience focused urban growth in the decades ahead. Since the City’s 1993 incorporation, Burien has been reinventing its downtown core to support a mixed- use vision. Improvements on 152nd Street have increased the walkability of the neighborhood and literally paved the way for the next phase of redevelopment.

In 2009, the Burien Town Square project opened its first buildings, a joint King County Regional Library and Burien City Hall, and a multi-story condominium and retail building. Town Square Park was also completed at that time and has become a major gathering point for the community at the center of the development. Construction is currently underway for the final two phases of the project: a 126-unit senior housing and memory care facility and a 227-unit market rate apartment building. Completion of these projects will bring multi-generational living to Burien’s growing downtown core.

Residents and business people alike treasure the convenience of Burien’s hub location and great connections. Seattle is only 12 minutes north, Sea-Tac Airport is only five minutes east, and a 30 minute drive can take you south to Tacoma or east to Bellevue. A new King County transit center provides further connections and supports the City’s multimodal goals. This hub location means that jobs and entertainment are convenient, the parking problems are elsewhere, and a slower pace prevails in your neighborhood.