SeaTac/Airport Station Area

The SeaTac/Airport Station Area will be the new vibrant city center in SeaTac, with high quality, pedestrian friendly developments. The station area will include a mix of commercial, residential and civic uses that both support and encourage high capacity transit use. The City of SeaTac envisions the SeaTac/Airport Station Area as a true city center, including a vibrant entertainment district, with a variety of entertainment venues, restaurants, shops, parks and plazas, where residents and visitors will find attractive and inviting places to live, work and play. This 82 acre station area is a short pedestrian bridge walk from Sea-Tac International Airport and the terminus station of Sound Transit’s Airport Link light rail service, which began service to downtown Seattle in December 2009. SeaTac is actively pursuing redevelopment of this station area by a comprehensive implementation strategy that will require significant public investment.

Contact:  Jeff Robinson – Economic Development Manager, City of SeaTac, 206-973-4816 or